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Electricity Maps

start up
Denmark - Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark
  • 10/05/2024
  • Unknown
  • $5,390,775

Electricity Maps provides companies with actionable data quantifying the carbon intensity and origin of electricity. This data is available on an hourly basis across 50+ countries and more than 200 regions.

The data we offer can help you and your users understand and reduce the carbon footprint of your electricity usage. The data can be accessed historically, in real-time, or as a forecast for the next 24 hours. You can also explore the real-time data in our free app.

Related People

Olivier CorradiFounder

Olivier Corradi Denmark - Frederiksberg Municipality, Capital Region of Denmark

At the intersection of Machine Learning and Climate Change, I founded Electricity Maps in 2016.

I am an entrepreneur, data scientist and software engineer with a background in mathematics, statistics, data infrastructure and mobile development.

I believe in flat organisations with strong autonomous teams working for a common purpose.

I also spend time researching how complex systems self-organise, figuring out how to use that knowledge to better shape a sustainable world.