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start up
India - Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • 06/06/2024
  • Unknown
  • $143,706

Docplix is building an ecosystem making seamless data exchange between doctors and patients possible. DocPlix also provides technology products for clinics and hospitals which lets them deliver an exceptional visitor experience to patients. DocPlix Rx is a powerful electronic medical records system for clinics and hospitals which helps doctors to grow their practice and helps them to deliver smart patient care.

Our Mission

Driven by the passion to provide care, impelled with an unwavering focus on quality, and steered by ground-breaking artificial intelligence, DocPlix's endeavor has always been to use technology and empower the healthcare system thus making good health more accessible, reliable, and hassle-free to all.

Related People

Dr. Varun GargFounder

Dr. Varun Garg India - Uttarakhand

Co founder and CEO at Docplix, company that envision to empower India with single point access to all health records. We aim to leverage AI with the help of universal Electronic Health Records there by reducing India’s disease burden. It’s a technology enabled initiative for early diagnosis and cure.
Vision - Making Indian healthcare system Affordable, Accessible and Efficient.