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start up
United States - Raleigh, NC
  • 11/02/2022
  • Seed
  • $1,500,000

DentalHQ is a revolutionary in-house membership platform that empowers dentists to attract and retain fee-for-service patients while eliminating the hassles of dental insurance.

Over the past ten years, the percentage of the U.S. population with dental insurance has increased by over 30%. However, nearly 70% of patients are actually paying more to insurance companies than the true market price of the services they receive. And how do you think customer satisfaction is trending? Unnecessary hassle, decreasing reimbursements, and convoluted repayment processes have led to an adversarial and toxic relationship.

With DentalHQ, you can provide uninsured patients with budgetary control over their dental care, reducing the #1 barrier to attracting uninsured patients: cost. Eliminating dental insurance from the equation fosters a direct relationship between you and the patient, putting more money in your pocket and creating a better experience for everyone.

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