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start up
Australia - St Leonards, New South Wales
  • 17/08/2023
  • Unknown
  • $1,000,000

In an increasingly remote working world, the way we communicate has changed forever. Lost productivity due to lack of engagement costs businesses millions of dollars each year and holding the attention of employees and partners from a distance is now a business imperative.

The Curiious plug-and-play metaverse platform is not only an alternative to face-to-face training and events, but a rich and ongoing immersive resource centre to be accessed anytime, from anywhere. The perpetual nature of the platform enables a variety of experiences leveraging existing materials and reporting usage trends to guide the refinement of content over time.

Curiious brings 25 years of technical expertise as we partner with clients and event companies who must continue to deliver for their stakeholders in the new communication landscape. As a proudly Australian company that has made its mark on the world stage, we are best known for delivering technology and content solutions that change the way audiences meet, learn and engage.

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Michelle (Carey) SchubergFounder

Michelle (Carey) Schuberg Australia - Greater Sydney Area

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m the CEO of Australian immersive technology innovator, Curiious, an award-winning virtual and hybrid experiences company.

Curiious delivers online and hybrid events and training where the ‘technology is the venue’ and our clients can create their own 3D world to deliver an immersive experience that features adult learning techniques, live sessions, gaming, networking, media galleries and more to deliver deep engagement and ROI.

Our technology is both scalable and cost-effective, overcoming barriers like time, geography and cost for delegates. In this way Curiious is part of the revolution known as the ‘democratising of events’, as online and hybrid events are experiences more people can attend more often.

My team at Curiious has delivered world-first software for immersive experiences live, online and through VR and AR for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Infiniti, Linx CCG, and Primal Pictures, among others.

My focus is to expand our client base and grow the business into one of the world’s leading immersive tech innovators.

Prior to Curiious I was an executive creative director for global creative agencies and events companies, both in Australia and overseas. In that time I created award-winning campaigns for local and global brands including Woolworths, Telstra, Samsung, Ford, Audi, Microsoft, among others.

I’m a passionate advocate for building and maintaining creativity in corporate environments, as well as the use of emerging technologies for social and business growth. I also coach business leaders to shape their position and communication around the use of technology.

You can learn more about Curiious at https://curiious.com/ or DM me if you’d like to know more.