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    Jul 19th, 2024
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    Jul 19th, 2024
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    Software Development
    Jul 19th, 2024
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start up
India - Bangalore
  • 02/07/2024
  • Series A
  • $5,000,000

Comet is a bold lifestyle brand centered on sneakers that breaks out of the ordinary and thrives beyond the conventional. Since origin, passion has been the bedrock of Comet, and as a brand, it aims to project and build a community that shares the same inspiration and infectious energy.

When our founders came back to India after years of corporate hustle along the conventional path, they decided to subvert expectations and place their bets on their sole passion: sneakers. Comet was thus an idea born straight out of their infinite dreams and uninhibited spirit.

With the zeal of being Never Shy, Never Sorry, Comet is on a journey to become the sneaker brand that India has long waited for, while building a safe space for unapologetic passion and the potential stories it holds. Good shoes do take you places, after all. We stepped into ours and got here. Where will yours take you?

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