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start up
Sweden - Stockholm, Stockholm County
  • 18/10/2023
  • Pre-Seed
  • $7,388,000

Renewable energy as a subscription service - for every household.

Cloover wants a world powered by renewable energy, and our mission is to assist in the transition there. We provide a smooth, long term and profitable way to be sustainable. We do this by enabling our customers to subscribe to sustainable technology.

We create embedded finance products for renewable energy installers. Like BNPL but for larger tickets and with a much longer horizon. For every deal we finance, we help reduce Co2 emissions and contribute positively to our customers’ finances (they save more than they pay).

We have a full-service model accessible to vendors through an online portal. We order to succeed we need operational excellence and a world class customer service.

Visit us at www.cloover.co , or ask your vendor of sustainable technology to reach out.

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