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start up
United States - Manhattan
  • 27/03/2024
  • Unknown
  • $3,000,000

Some of us are mothers, some of us have supported our loved ones through pregnancy, and all of us are nervous about balancing motherhood, a career, and being there for our family and friends.

When we wanted to send meals to our friends, nothing seemed quite right. No one was creating healthy meals purposefully made for this crucial time in a woman's life. In Asian countries, this is common practice - so why don't we have that here?

So, Chiyo was born. We're building the company we want for ourselves, our friends and our family.

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Irene LiuCo Founder

Irene Liu United States - New York, New York

Formerly @ Bain, Airbnb, Top Box Foods (non-profit tackling food deserts) passionate about nutrition education & healthy food access. Now applying this to the maternal nutrition after realizing 🤯 what a dearth of options there are in the US. Building a better future, starting in the womb. 💥

Interested in women's / holistic health? Would love to connect!