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start up
United States - Newport Beach, CA
  • 10/02/2022
  • Seed
  • $3,000,000

Bodymatter is a Southern California based digital health company that builds personalized health solutions to empower every individual to achieve their best possible health and well-being through the aid of technology.

Grounded in science, powered by data, and packaged in software, Bodymatter’s products and tools provide customized guidance tailored to the need of each individual powered by the company's data sets, algorithms and machine learning technologies.

Bodymatter is the developer of the sleep solutions platform SleepWatch—which includes the top-ranked SleepWatch app, the first automated sleep tracker for Apple Watch—able to help individuals improve their sleep habits through personalized insight.

Build your health.

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Ryan ArchdeaconCo Founder

Ryan Archdeacon United States - Newport Beach, California,

I'm the Co-Founder & CEO of Bodymatter, the emerging precision health company behind SleepWatch, the AI-powered sleep improvement platform. We are using the power of data science and crowds to decode the mystery of sleep and end the world's sleep struggles for good.