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Bluejay Therapeutics

start up
United States - San Francisco Bay Area
  • 10/05/2024
  • Series C
  • $182,000,000

The mission of Bluejay Therapeutics is to develop innovative cures for infectious diseases with the first target indication of chronic HBV infection. Bluejay has exclusively licensed global rights to advance several HBV programs, including a best-in-class anti-HBsAg monoclonal antibody.

Related People

Keting ChuFounder

Keting Chu United States - San Francisco Bay Area

Keting is a scientist, entrepreneur and life science venture investor with a broad range of experiences in therapeutic development in both large and small biotechnology companies and venture philanthropy.
Keting was last a partner at Lyfe Capital and before Lyfe, a venture partner at Apple Tree Partners. Before joining Apple Tree Partners, Keting spent five years as VP, Research TAP at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). There she was responsible for venture philanthropy, also known as the Therapy Acceleration program. At LLS, Keting led the investment of Celator, Stemline, Constellation, Affimed, ArgenX, Kite Pharma, Kiadis, OncoPepe, Valor and a number of projects within academic institutions. Celator, Kite and Stemline won Breakthrough status from the FDA in 2016. Affimed and ArgenX went IPO after LLS TAP funding and Celator was acquired by Jazz Pharma for $1.5B in 2016. Prior to LLS, Keting was the CEO of Mission Therapeutics and the Co-Founder, President and CEO of DigitAB, Inc. Prior to co-founding DigitAB, Keting was the Co-Founder and CEO of BioCubed Corporation, Vice President of Biology and Head of R&D at Five Prime Therapeutics during its founding stage and the Head of Immunotherapy and Antibody Therapeutics Division at Chiron Corporation, where she engaged in preclinical and clinical developments of protein, DNA-based, and small molecule therapeutics for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Three cancer therapeutic antibodies that keting led the team from discovery to phase I clinical trials are in phase II testing now.