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start up
United States - Cincinnati, OH
  • 12/04/2024
  • Series A
  • $24,000,000

Abre is K12’s #1 modern data solution.Don’t just collect student data, act on it. Remove silos and ensure all stakeholders know how to turn analysis into action with impactful decision-making to support the Whole Child. Learn how schools are centralizing, visualizing, and synthesizing data to drive better outcomes for students in and out of the classroom.

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James StofferFounder

James Stoffer United States - Salt Lake City, Utah

Technology in K-12 education is too messy. Schools try to balance hundreds of different point products to teach and assess learning, coordinate programs, communicate with stakeholders, and prepare students for life as an adult — and none of them talk to each other nor have consistent experiences...leaving all stakeholders in the learning community frustrated. There's not enough time to use everything with fidelity. There are too data silos. Inefficiencies abound. Little to no confidence in what's actually working or not.

I’m fired up about EdTech that truly moves the needle for students. The answer is in the data and in a better connected experience for everyone in the school community in order to promote lifelong, meaningful, and positive experiences for students.

Do you want to cure the data headache in your learning community? Send me a message and let’s connect.