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start up
United Kingdom - London
  • 09/06/2023
  • Seed
  • $1,886,767

About:Energy accelerates electrification through battery virtual prototyping. As a spinout from Imperial College London, the University of Birmingham, and the Faraday Institution, About:Energy catalyses the life cycle of battery development, from cell selection to lifetime and performance prediction. Our software platform, “The Voltt” empowers organisations with high-quality battery data and models to supercharge their in-house battery development, seamlessly integrating into existing modelling software.

Our team is eager to change how batteries are developed today, we are excited to help companies accelerate electrification within the automotive industry and beyond.

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Gavin WhiteFounder

Gavin White United Kingdom - London, England

Co-founder and CEO of About:Energy - a battery testing and modelling company which is building software solutions to simplify battery development. Our goal is to ensure products using batteries are built correctly which reduces waste and improves the lifetime of these systems. Key to this is making the solutions simple and affordable which we will do by centralising the most difficult testing and modelling.

I am a very passionate entrepreneur/engineer and my main motivation for studying a PhD was to start a company. Very fortunately I got to undertake a PhD with Prof. Greg Offer at Imperial College which focused on measuring the thermal properties of lithium-ion cells. During this we invented a new method for measuring thermal conductivity of cells which we patented. Towards the end of my PhD I joined forces with my co-founder Kieran who has deep expertise in electrochemical parameterisation to start About:Energy.

Close to my heart is education and giving fair and equal opportunity for all. I'm a STEM ambassador and I am very passionate about giving back to society.