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ALT Sports Data, Inc.

start up
United States - San Diego , CA
  • 07/02/2024
  • Seed
  • $2,500,000

ALT Sports Data ASD is at the forefront of utilizing proprietary data to activate a growing wave of new sports enthusiasts. Our mission revolves around building the most extensive database and league portfolio in alternative sports, offering a gateway for sports book operators to tap into an audience of over 83 million potential bettors in the United States alone, with a global reach exceeding 1 billion.

The central challenge we address is the supply and demand dilemma that significantly affects the profitability of sportsbook operators globally. In today's landscape, operators struggle to acquire and retain high-value customers cost-effectively, as well as to deliver innovative and relevant new betting options. We tackle these industry pain points through a proven business model and by leveraging our expanding collection of league rights, proprietary software, data resources, regulatory infrastructure, and an in-house trading team. This approach enables us to introduce fresh and appealing betting opportunities, thereby impacting the supply side.

On the demand side, we collaborate closely with our partner leagues, unlocking the potential of a collective and growing fanbase of over 200 million today. We empower these efforts with our owned media platform (NXTbets.com). Our goal is to engage these fans and responsibly educate/ guide them towards our sportsbook operator partners.

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Joe DunniganFounder

Joe Dunnigan United States - San Diego County, California

Joe Dunnigan is a trusted innovator of businesses and brands at the intersection of industry-changing technology, sports and gaming.

With 25+ years of experience launching, growing and leading for-profit, non-profit, and social ventures, Joe is driven by the philosophy that success is less about what you accomplish in your life and more what you empower others to do with theirs.

Guided by this philosophy, Joe has focused his unique business and life experiences on creating data and technology-based solutions in the following areas:

Action Sports
Lifestyle Brands
Organizational Change Consulting
P2P Marketplaces
Sports Facility Development and Promotion

As a founder or co-founder of 12 companies, Joe has spent his career blending his passion for business with his purpose of helping people, particularly the young.