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New Leaf Venture Partners

New Leaf Venture Partners United States - New York, NY

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6 Participating Investments

NLVP was formed in 2005, when the healthcare team spun out of the Sprout Group. The NLVP team has been built over the last two decades and managed healthcare technology portfolios in venture

Invested In

Company Date Round Raised
  Bluesight July, 18 ,2023 Unknown
  Windup Minds August, 08 ,2023 Seed $1,600,000
  Star Therapeutics September, 05 ,2023 Series C $90,000,000
  Flosonics Medical March, 20 ,2024 Series C $20,000,000
  Qlaris Bio, Inc. April, 30 ,2024 Series B $24,000,000
  Truveris May, 15 ,2024 Series E $15,000,000