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Brandon Capital

Brandon Capital Australia - Melbourne, Victoria

1 Disclosed Funding Rounds $58,462,000
5 Participating Investments

Brandon Capital is Australasia's leading life science venture capital firm, with a strong global presence supported by key partnerships and team members across the US and UK. Through collabor

Invested In

Company Date Round Raised
  AstronauTx October, 09 ,2023 Series A $58,462,000
  Pathios Therapeutics April, 19 ,2024 Series B $25,000,000
  Pheon Therapeutics May, 21 ,2024 Series B $120,000,000
  Myricx Bio July, 09 ,2024 Series A $115,246,800
  CatalYm GmbH July, 16 ,2024 Series D $150,000,000