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start up
India - Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • 12/05/2022
  • Seed
  • $2,600,000

shopflo aims to supercharge conversions for e-commerce websites at checkout by improving user experience, helping build stronger intent and trust during the purchase

Problem statement -
(1) There is ~70% drop off at checkout for most independent e-commerce retailer (outside of large marketplaces)
(2) E-commerce cart platforms allow minimal flexibility on checkout, with their experience still same as the last decade
(3) Whereas user experiences are defined by new consumer platforms such as Swiggy, Amazon, etc.

There is a fundamental unbundling of monolith shopping cart platforms globally for mid-market and enterprise customers, who are moving towards headless (read modular) architecture. Shopflo aims to be the global default for checkout experiences.

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priy ranjanCo Founder

priy ranjan India - Bengaluru, Karnataka

>> My journey

I grew up across India in Shillong > Mumbai > Suratgarh (Rajasthan) > Coimbatore and finished schooling (read factory) in Kota. My father serves is in the Indian Air Force.

I joined the Mechanical engineering at IIT Madras in 2013 as a boy passionate about science and technology. I explored multiple research areas around vehicle dynamics and manufacturing technology while on campus.

However, after experiencing impact at scale at Unilever as an intern in their Leeds office, I got super fascinated by business and especially FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)

To learn more about business, I joined McKinsey and Company and was put on the same table with folks whose experience > my age, as a college fresher. That was a steep learning curve to not just interact but advise them as an equal about THEIR business.

Fascinated by technology and crazy stories of startups leveraging tech to solve problems and build large businesses, I joined Elevation Capital in their investment team. This was a ringside view into the best of entrepreneurship. I focused on our investments in D2C brands and saw their crazy growth journeys closely during the COVID period, speaking to >400 brands in that period.

In Jul 2021, I came out full-time to build something of my own and couldn't be more excited about the future of e-commerce. After speaking with several customers about their pain points, Shopflo was born in Dec 2021

>> About Shopflo

Shopflo is building a checkout SaaS platform for D2C brands with the goal of creating a delightful and zero mental load checkout experience. We are working closely with some of the top D2C brands in India to solve multiple problems in checkout. We envision Shopflo to be the checkout layer in the global headless commerce stack.

We are backed by marquee global VCs, top founders from Indian startup ecosystem and our customers as angel investors.

Hiring for product, engineering, design, and support roles! Please reach out on priy@shopflo.co