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Xcimer Energy Corporation

start up
United States - Denver, CO
  • 05/06/2024
  • Series A
  • $100,000,000

Xcimer Energy believes that abundant energy creates a world where anything is possible. From climate change, to national security, to energy justice, fusion will give us the tools we need to address global challenges and lead to a cleaner, safer, more prosperous world for all humanity.

Xcimer Energy is developing a system based on laser inertial confinement fusion, which is the only fusion approach that has achieved scientific breakeven. The Xcimer team will leverage this achievement and the significant progress made by the laser fusion community to advance IFE.

Xcimer’s mission is to create a better and more equitable world through economically attractive, abundant, and carbon-free fusion energy enabled by a dramatic reduction in laser cost, enabling game-changing simplifications to the design of a laser fusion power plant. Xcimer has assembled a team of experts from U.S. national laboratories, academic institutions, and private industry to work together toward this mission.

Abundant and inexpensive fusion power will transform how the world thinks about energy. The scientific, engineering, and manufacturing Xcimer’s plant design enables can spark a broad expansion of the U.S. industrial and workforce base, especially in high-value technologies like electrical power, optics, and precision manufacturing, and present a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure the benefits of this expansion flow equitably and inclusively to the entire nation.

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