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Funding Round Profile

Volta Insite

start up
United States - Charlotte, NC
  • 09/02/2024
  • Seed
  • $7,000,000

What if you could see into the future? What if you could diagnose potential issues before they become problematic?

The next generation tool set for optimizing electrical performance is here... InsiteAI™. With the advent of edge computing and recent advances in data acquisition it is now possible to continuously monitor entire electro-mechanical systems.

As your infrastructure grows, so do the complexities and potential issues. Businesses today are under constant pressure to become more sustainable and efficient. We've developed a tool set that allows you to optimize the performance and longevity of your electrically driven assets.

We offer a full stack IoT platform based our own automated intelligence - InsiteAI™ - for continuous monitoring of your electrical assets. We offer real-time operations monitoring; tactical, predictive and targeted preventive maintenance, and long-term strategic asset management.

At Volta Insite, we take a proactive approach that emphasizes uninterrupted operations with the goal of zero downtime. With this focus on uninterrupted operations and zero downtime, you'll also be able to achieve long lasting, streamlined operations that will give you an edge over your competitors.

With Volta Insite, your business' infrastructure isn't left to chance - you can trust us to give you the tools you need to optimize performance and longevity of your assets. Investing a small amount today could save you hundreds of thousands annually and prevent any breaks in your production line.

Simply put - we monitor your electrical usage and optimize it. We see any system failures that might come up down the line and stop them. We see where your business can improve and act on it.

We are not just innovators, we are builders. We are dedicated to helping our customers grow and maintain their critical infrastructure through our ground-breaking products and services. We are Volta Insite, and we are here to help you reduce costly downtime.

Related People

Denis KouroussisCo Founder

Denis Kouroussis Canada - Toronto, Ontario

I love to use my electrical and mechanical engineering knowledge to make electrical systems safe, reliable and efficient. Here’s 6 facts about how my past has shaped my future:

#1: My fascination with Tesla and electric cars inspired me to found Volta Energy with the initial goal of making electric vehicle charging systems. After discovering a problem with car electrification and demand on upstream transformers, Volta Energy shifted its focus to demand management where they make electrical systems safer, more reliable and efficient.

#2: A few years later, Volta became a distributor of industrial systems, but realized the market was ready for something bigger. Due to the distinct lack of equipment that could truly identify problems in the industrial sector, Volta Insite was born. Today, my team and I provide electrical data and predictive analytics for mission critical equipment with lower operating costs and zero unexpected downtime.

#3: In further service to my goal of an electrified future, I co-founded Atom Power and developed the world’s first UL listed solid-state circuit breaker. With Atom Power’s recently launched digital EV charging solution, I have come full circle back to where it began with Volta Energy and my goal of electrifying cars.

#4: But where did this passion come from? At the young age of thirteen, I discovered my love for electronics and mechanics when I repaired my father’s vehicle. As Cadillac was one of the first manufacturers to transition from carburetors to fuel injection, my curiosity of power electronics and rotating machinery led me to study electrical engineering.

#5: Upon graduation, I went to work on semiconductors and was introduced to the math aspect and design for EDA. In 1996, I obtained my masters as I continued to build experience in both electrical and mechanical engineering by working with hardware for the arc lamp system, writing firmware and integrating systems engineering. Still excited about pursuing my education, I got a PhD specializing in power grid verification along with mathematical modeling and voltage drop analysis.

#6: To this day, my love of cars is still strong, and I do all my own automotive repair (believe it I even own a tire machine and wheel balancer!). Thanks to my background in car mechanics, I’m able to understand how things are going to fail and integrate my technical depth across many sectors to find the solution.

Skills & Expertise:

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Demand Management, Solid-State Technology