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start up
United States - Madison, Wisconsin
  • 06/06/2024
  • Series A
  • $15,000,000

Understory builds insurance solutions for the era of climate change.

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Alex KubicekFounder

Alex Kubicek United States - Madison, Wisconsin

Understory is a leading provider of insurance solutions built for the era of climate change. The company's global network of Dot weather stations powers the world's most sophisticated weather risk model. By combining mutualized, optimized risk structures with precision weather technology and modeling, Understory enables affordable, stable property insurance solutions.

Natural catastrophes, driven by the volatility of climate change, are increasing rates and restricting insurance coverage. Traditional insurance is no longer fully effective. Insurance and reinsurance companies are pulling out and leaving 76% of global assets unprotected. Transformation is inevitable, and it's coming to the worldwide property insurance market. Understory cracked the code, and our approach is the way to close this gap.

With a fiercely dedicated and passionate team of both remote and Madison, Wisconsin-headquartered team members, Understory’s culture values the unwavering support of colleagues, resilience, adaptability, work-life harmony, time for nurturing our families, and fostering communities that care about the well-being of people and their livelihoods like we do. We’re poised to rewrite the story of insurance.

To embark on this journey with us, visit www.understoryweather.com.