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    Apr 12th, 2024
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    Apr 12th, 2024
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    Apr 12th, 2024
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start up
United States - San Francisco, California
  • 16/11/2023
  • Seed
  • $4,200,000

Tradespace works with leading innovators to generate, manage, and commercialize their IP portfolios. We are the only platform supporting organizations across the entire innovation cycle, including disclosure collection & evaluation, IP management, analytics and scouting, and commercialization.

By combining internal innovation data with powerful market and IP analytics, Tradespace provides ACTIONABLE intelligence that enables business-oriented IP strategies. Tradespace also operates the largest global IP marketplace, connecting IP generators with the right corporate partners to commercialize their IP.

IP can account for up to 60% of company value. Businesses should be able to make strategic decisions about IP assets without relying on expensive consultants, brokers, and lawyers. That's why our platform provides simple, outcome-oriented solutions. To do this, we built our marketplace on a comprehensive collection of global IP data, with intuitive visualizations and metrics that empower users to make their own decisions on complex issues.

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