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start up
United States - Los Angeles, CA
  • 24/05/2023
  • Series B
  • $15,000,000

Steno offers exceptional court reporting services combined with best-in-class technology and deferred payment options. Steno was built by tech and legal experts who saw a need for a better experience. We remove financial and technical hurdles so you can focus on the case. From creating bespoke solutions for your technical needs to providing flexible financing, Steno is revolutionizing the way court reporting is done.

Signature Offerings:
Steno Connect is our signature remote litigation platform that’s setting a new industry standard. It combines state-of-the-art videoconferencing with seamless exhibit handling, along with numerous details that are made to meet specific legal needs.

DelayPay empowers you to take all the depositions you need and pay nothing upfront. Non-recourse deferred payment available in select markets.

Bespoke solutions for large scale litigation available. As an attorney, your time is the most valuable thing you have. It shouldn't be wasted on work we can handle for you.

Do you want to join the Winning Team?
In the last year, Steno has grown from just 9 employees in Los Angeles to over 175 employees across the nation and works fully remote. Our team is incredibly diverse and a unique blend of backgrounds in law, technology, operations, and finance. Though not many of us have met in person, we are a cohesive team that has produced amazing results in just a short time.

Our team is highly reliable, constantly innovative, and operates with a hospitality mindset in every single way. Seriously. While this is a fast-paced environment, the opportunity for growth is abundant. Check out these opportunities to join our team: https://steno.com/careers

Related People

Greg HongCo Founder

Greg Hong United States - Los Angeles, California

I like seeing what makes a company tick from the inside out and the ground up. My background in finance, product, and operations helps when assessing business-decision impacts across an organization.

Before Steno, I was the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reserve, a restaurant technology company. I strategically led the company to secure $45 million from investors before being acquired by Resy, American Express, in 2019.

I have more than 18 years of experience building new companies of all sizes. In the end, it's always about getting stuff done and executing on a vision.