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start up
Germany - Eresing, Bavaria
  • 27/04/2023
  • Unknown
  • $9,366,000

As spin-off from the TU Munich, we're a highly tech-driven climate startup paving the way to 100% renewable, decarbonized future by making the most of biogas. Our all-in-one solution comes as a containerized standard unit: ready for mass manufacturing and plug&play installation, offers revolutionary electrical efficiencies of 80% for both power generation and energy storage, and actively reduces GHG emissions with a negative CO2 balance.

With this unique combination of USPs, we disrupt the entire energy sector! Reverions mission is to replace 19th century combustion engine technology still used today for biogas utilization with our patented high temperature fuel cell systems. Thereby, we would be able to double the available power output throughout Europe with the same amount of biogas and to:

• cut 10% of total CO2 emissions (-260 Mt/yr), tackling global warming and achieve the 1.5° mitigation targets

• generate >400 TWh of renewable gases (green H2/CH4), bridging week-long periods without sun or wind using surplus energy and biogenic CO2

• power more than 65M households, assuring supply security with weather-independent, reliable and 24/7 available bioenergy

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