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Funding Round Profile

PulmoBioMed Ltd.

start up
United Kingdom - Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • 09/02/2024
  • Unknown
  • $1,765,330

PulmoBioMed commercialises state-of-the-art exhaled breath condensate & aerosol sampling technology as part of a platform for disease and environmental diagnostics.

Our lead product, PBM-HALE is a passive fluid aerosol sampler engineered to segregate exhaled and environmental particles by size. Our technology solves key pains in avoiding sample contamination, preventing sample loss and generating highly reproducible data with digital molecular precision. The first of a series of products, PBM-HALE has demonstrated utility in biological agent capture, genomic/microbiomic analytics, and metabolomic profiling, through a one-stop solution.

Our vision is to develop the first hand-held biomolecular analyser for medical, veterinary, well-being and environmental use. Our mission is to deliver molecular diagnostic-grade health data from your lips to your hand.

PulmoBioMed Ltd. is a Northumbria University spinout company supported by the Northern Accelerator, iCURe, and InnovateUK.

Related People

Sterghios A. MoschosFounder

Sterghios A. Moschos United Kingdom - Newcastle upon Tyne, England

I am CEO and Founder of PulmoBioMed Ltd., a medical device company on a mission to turn our breath into the window to our health.

In the past 20+ years working across large pharma and academia, I have developed a multidisciplinary background spanning RNA and DNA diagnostics and therapeutics to medical device innovation across several therapeutic areas.

Keystone contributions include papers in Nature, Chemical Science, and Molecular Therapy.

Major achievements include:
- Concept-to-CL4 validation of a novel Dx platfom in 15 months (EbolaCheck)
- Accelerating IND for a first-in-class gene therapy (TT-034)
- 13+ billion media reach in science communication (CNN, BBC, Xinhua, France24, ABC News, DW)
- Oversubscribed equity investment in early stage medtech

I build and grow teams that deliver robust outcomes through innovation that addresses complex unmet need and global challenges fit for purpose. My approach is recognised through fellowships and certifications from prestigious institutions and societies including the RSC, IBMS RSB, and the RAEng.