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Phonely (YC S24)

start up
  • 07/06/2024
  • Unknown
  • $500,000

🌍 On a mission to create the world's most advanced AI phone service
πŸ€– Experience AI agents that sound and act just like people
πŸ“Š Gain insights with our detailed analytics dashboard
πŸ”— Effortlessly integrate with Zapier, Google Calendar, and more
🌐 www.phonely.ai
πŸ“ž Give our AI a call: +1 (844) 734-4902

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Will BodewesFounder

Will Bodewes United States - ND

Co-founder + CEO of Phonely.ai - We're building conversational phone support using AI. Check out www.phonely.ai (its pretty cool)

I was previously getting a Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne; my research here focuses on using AI to help enable energy access to low-income communities in Africa and developing Asia.

Previous professional ultra-endurance and sponsored athlete by Kona and Tailwind Nutrition. Check out some of my cycling adventures at www.willbodewes.com