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start up
India - Delhi NCR
  • 09/02/2024
  • Series B
  • $23,000,000

LOHUM powers next-gen li-ion battery mobility & energy solutions, gives batteries multiple lives through reuse technology, and makes battery materials last forever through recycling.

LOHUM creates enhanced customer value through 3 primary technologies:

1) Lithium-ion battery manufacturing: We design and manufacture advanced lithium-ion batteries through proprietary technology and fabrication techniques.

2) Battery reuse or 2nd life solutions for used batteries: We identify healthy batteries through our proprietary cell testing and then reuse those batteries in another application.

3) Battery material recycling to recover valuable materials upon end-of-life: For batteries that cannot be reused, we recycle them to recover value materials such as cobalt, lithium, nickel and graphite. If recycled properly, these materials can be used over and over again without any performance degradation.

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