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start up
Belgium - Antwerp
  • 11/10/2023
  • Seed
  • $51,000,000

Our story started 5 years ago. We (Achilles and Jack) got to know each other at Ghent University. It soon became clear that we have a lot in common. We both like exploring the world and pub nights, but most of all: we share a love for the planet and dogs, especially our faithful companions Otis and Choco.

Recently we found a way to combine these two passions. We’re all trying to eat more consciously and ecologically. But what about the food we serve our dogs? We decided to come up with an answer to this question ourselves.

Gutsy is high-quality, insect-based dog food that brings you and your dog closer together and closer to the planet. Because life’s about making memories, not footprints.

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Jack LathouwersCo Founder

Jack Lathouwers Belgium - Antwerp, Flemish Region

A graduated business engineer with a winner's mentality, entrepreneurship in the blood and a passion for cheese.

In 2013 we launched a first event concept that has evolved over the years into an indoor festival.

In 2021 we want to inspire dog and owner to explore the world through a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The early bird catches the 🪲 (definitely in our case)