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start up
United States - Chicago, Illinois
  • 10/05/2024
  • Seed
  • $11,000,000

FleetPulse™ is the leading trailer telematics company that enables end-to-end visibility into trailer safety and cargo security, serving customers with OEM-agnostic wired and aftermarket telematics offerings.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, FleetPulse combines deep roots in the trucking industry with expert tech talent and offers telematics solutions across a comprehensive portfolio of devices, from hard-wired, OEM-installed sensors to easy-to-install aftermarket sensors and cargo cameras. Data collected directly from the trailer’s sensors and components enables real-time, proprietary strategic insights via a digital dashboard to increase utilization, enhance safety, and reduce maintenance costs.

With the industry’s renewed focus on the trailer as a strategic asset, the FleetPulse portfolio positions customers to expedite success through new efficiencies across their fleets.

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