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start up
India - Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • 04/06/2024
  • Pre Series A
  • $4,500,000

Indulge your consumers with immersive mixed reality experiences. We have simplified mixed reality for you. Publish and share engaging MR brand experience in minutes through a simple link on social media, websites or even offline channels as QR codes.

Billboards and newspapers transform into interactive screens, TVs can bring celebrities into your living room to record a video with them, and an Instagram link can bring products directly in front of you to interact with before you buy.

Unlock mixed reality for your brand. Get in touch.

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Shourya AgarwalFounder

Shourya Agarwal United States - San Francisco Bay Area

Everything starts with a dream. I have a dream to reimagine digital experiences for 4B global internet users via our AI stack.

We are hiring for multiple roles. Let's chat - I'm at shourya@flamapp.com.