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FanUp, Inc.

start up
United States - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 08/12/2021
  • Seed
  • $4,000,000

FanUp is the best way to enjoy fantasy sports, with friends and rival fans. We create immersive social experiences for fans; with fun, easy and visual content that blends pop-culture with your favorite teams, players, and brands. Our prizes, social features, and gamification, cater to causal fans and a younger demographic. It's all about you, your squad, and our community of fans.

We’re not a betting app, we’re far greater.

FanUp was created for social fans and young professionals.

Our users:

- Love sports and esports gaming
- Are more diverse (52% are women)
- Are 2.5x more likely to game and compete w/ social features
- Interact with other fans daily on sports, esports, pop-culture, brands and influencers

If you’re tired of the same old boring salary cap and 100,000 bros fantasy contests, FanUp is different, we’re 24/7 gaming. Squad up with friends and create that Big Game euphoria every day; from NFL and NBA, to IPL Cricket, The Grammys and The Bachelor Finale.

Our goal is to grow the $50b sports/esports gaming market (US & India).

Why you will love FanUp:

• We're a community. Not a deserted island.
• We always compete; in groups, with rivals, and with ourselves.
• We level the play. Winning isn't impossible. It's the norm.
• Experience the euphoria of fandom every day, with your fav influencers & brands.

Our Mantra:

Fans and innovation first, always.

Our Vision:

Fads are ephemeral; we're on track to becoming the #1 gaming brand for young professionals (18-34 yr olds), changing the way they consume and engage with sports and esports. We're altering the calculus of how fans experience gaming by introducing proven social-tech, multiplayer features, and industry leading personalized content. We're at the precipice, creating incredible opportunities and experiences that help satiate the ever-growing demand and further stoke fans’ competitive flames through innovation.

Related People

Tejas BodiwalaFounder

Tejas Bodiwala United States - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tej is the Founder and CEO of FanUp, Inc., which he launched Dec. '19 with a vision of changing the way young professionals consume and engage with sports and esports gaming and fan communities. His goal is to alter the calculus of how sports fans game by introducing proven social tech, multi-player features, and fun, easy-to-enter contests. Tej is committed to creating an experience that helps to satiate this ever-growing demand and further stoke fans’ competitive flames through new innovation.

Tej serves as FanUp’s head of product and innovation, technology, and research, and co-leads fundraising, business development, and strategic partnerships. Tej has a passion for the psychology of gaming and is an industry-leading expert in creating social games that are flat out fun and leverage superior UX, intrinsic motivation, rewards and incentives, and cognitive engagement. A former developer for Motorola, Tej transitioned to the product side, working with some of the World’s most recognizable brands: Google, Disney, Apple, Rolex, and the NFL. Tej has led product teams on the launch of mobile B2B and B2C products totaling $200M+ in revenue for eBay, Comcast, Chase, and Bank of America.

Tej is a national ranked fantasy football player, former Division I baseball player, philanthropist and world traveler. Tej received a BS in Comp