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Dive Solutions

start up
Germany - Berlin, Berlin
  • 06/06/2024
  • Series A
  • $10,000,000

We empower engineers with particle-based simulation software that takes care of everything. No installation, no hardware - just engineering.

Engineers should focus on delivering great products. Our mission is to get rid of all distractions and limitations within the development process. We are committed to providing the leading cloud and browser-based engineering environment that enables product design teams to set up, compute, analyze, and share design studies hassle-free.

Our Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics software solution accurately predicts free surface flows, multiphase flows, and moving machinery. All you need is a browser.

Become a Diver and join the crew: https://www.dive-solutions.de/career

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Pierre SabrowskiFounder

Pierre Sabrowski United States - Boston, Massachusetts

Founder and CEO at dive solutions GmbH with scientific CFD engineering and development background.