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Funding Round Profile

Clairity Technology

start up
United States - Los Angeles, CA
  • 23/02/2024
  • Seed
  • $6,750,000

Clairity Technology was founded to develop technology and solutions for climate change. We create scalable and low-cost technology and systems for carbon dioxide removal by performing direct air capture of carbon dioxide.

For jobs, please email careers@clairitytech.com

Related People

Glen MeyerowitzFounder

Glen Meyerowitz United States - Los Angeles, California

I am an experienced translational R&D engineer capable of taking ideas from a napkin sketch or whiteboard through to development, testing, and validation. I am experienced with mechanical, electrical, data analytics, systems, fluid, and other fields of engineering.

My goal is to bring together diverse and talented individuals with whom I can solve challenging problems to advance society’s most significant goals. With experience in aerospace, automotive, autonomous vehicles, medical device, and climate tech, I am not domain constrained and love learning and diving into new problem areas.

In a previous life:
• Mechanical engineer with significant experience on projects from inception through completion.
• Passionate about working on complex problems and using innovative methods to solve problems.
• Broad knowledge of fluid and thermal analysis and uncertainty propagation.
• Significant experience with high precision measurement of flow, pressure, temperature and force.
• Experience developing methods for calibration of high precision instrumentation.
• Hands-on experience with component and system level testing.
• Significant experience with cryogenic systems; hazardous areas; high pressure systems; high purity systems; vacuum systems; design of pressure vessels to ASME Section VIII, Division 1; automation; and process improvements and system optimization.