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start up
United States - Danville, Virginia
  • 12/07/2022
  • Series B
  • $30,000,000

We’re on a mission to protect the planet from the cost of clothing. At Circ, we’ve created a technology system that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they were made. Again and again.

Brand partners like Patagonia, Marubeni, and Fashion For Good are joining us in our goal of turning wasteful fashion lines into renewable fashion circles. By 2030, we expect to have recycled 10 billion garments, represent 10% of the global apparel market, and to have saved more than 100 million trees.

As our ecology and economy grow evermore entwined, it is clear to us that the world already has all the clothing it needs to create all the clothing it will ever need.

Join us in threading together the future of circular fashion and eliminating our collective fashion footprint.

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Peter MajeranowskiFounder

Peter Majeranowski United States - Danville, Virginia,

Technology, finance and business development professional with 22 years of management experience serving at the President, C-suite or board level for several companies in the ag-technology, finance, IT infrastructure, logistics, real estate, and software development sectors. Proven track record in sourcing opportunities, raising capital, building teams and executing strategies.

Currently serves as President and Co-founder of Circ (formerly Tyton BioSciences) which is on a mission to power the clean closet with enhanced recycling technology that transforms global textile waste into new clothing, promoting a truly circular ecosystem for the fashion industry.