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United States - Washington, DC
  • 27/02/2024
  • Seed
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The world's most accurate cyber risk rating platform.

Scalable, powerful, automated cyber risk analysis of the companies you care about - powered by Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS). Easy to use and easy to understand. When knowing the risk truly matters, the way you measure matters. Trusted for M&A cyber due diligence, insurance underwriting, vendors, subsidiaries, portfolios, and extended enterprise risk.

​​Developed by U.S. cyber warfare veterans, ​​our BreachRisk™ solutions evaluate organizations from the attacker's perspective, enabling better business decisions by illuminating cyber risks in the organizations you care about​. Our scores are realistic, rigorous, and scalable to any portfolio or project.

If you need to score yourself or to prove to others that you are secure, our BreachRisk™ Cyber Risk Scores can prove that you are secure and help you tell others with our trusted third-party attestations.

We're on a mission to deliver world-class cyber risk insights continuously at scale in situations where knowing the true risk truly matters. We are an agile team of cyber and business innovators & disruptors dedicated to increasing the transparency of risks we all face in cyberspace.

We are the hacker’s perspective.

Our Technology:
BreachBits continuous Red Team services utilize our innovative AutoIntelligent Persistent Threat Engine.™ With a heart of machine learning, artificial intelligence, human oversight, and automation, it provides continuous Red Teaming for your cyber assets.

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John LundgrenFounder

John Lundgren United States - Annapolis, Maryland

Experienced cyber and data science professional - dedicated to leveraging tomorrow's technology to solve today's cybersecurity challenges.