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start up
Israel - Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
  • 28/04/2022
  • Series A
  • $30,000,000

ARMO is bringing the future of developer-driven Kubernetes security, today.

Our patented technology and tools fit natively within the CI/CD pipeline and existing development tools, assuring DevOps, DevSecOps, and developers that every workload, cluster, container, and microservice is born and remains secure, from development to production and from configuration to run-time, every time.


Our solution is simple to deploy, it’s frictionless and brings superior performance that – unlike competitors – does not adversely impact functionality, performance or user experience.

ARMO protects your IT workloads in run-time in a deterministic way, reducing false positives, shortening detection time, and creating more resilient environments without complex policies and rules to manage. And our security works continuously, both when your applications and data are at rest and during use.

In a nutshell, we provide application and data security that both meets DevOps/SecOps requirements and the C-Suite needs and objectives.

HOW OUR SOLUTION WORKS (from a fairly technical perspective):

ARMO protects every microservice and protects it uniquely. We do this by creating a cryptographic code DNA-based workload identity – analyzing each application’s unique code signature – to deliver an individualized and secure identity to every workload instance.

To prevent hacking, we establish and maintain trusted security anchors in the protected software memory throughout the application execution lifecycle.

Stealth coding-based technology blocks all attempts at reverse engineering of the protection code and ensures comprehensive protection of secrets and encryption keys while in-use. (And our keys are never exposed and thus cannot be stolen.)


If this sounds like what your business is looking for, contact CEO Shauli Rozen at srozen@cyberarmor.io.

Related People

Shauli RozenCo Founder

Shauli Rozen Israel - ND

I have over 15 years of technology, B2B management, and business development experience, with a B.Sc. Major in Communication Systems Engineering and MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, securing cloud-native frameworks, and my amazing founding team.

My primary interests are building products, businesses, and teams - the latest is the fantastic ARMO. I am excited about the promise we bring to cloud-native environments – embedding visibility & security into every workload and building security products that DevOps love.

Prior to founding ARMO, I was the Chief Strategy Officer in startup company Optimove where I built the Go-To-Market Strategy, sales department, and business team, and raised $20M growth round from Israel Growth Partners.
Before that, I was a management consultant in the Boston Consulting Group, and a New Product Initiatives director within Amdocs, building startups within the company in Security, Virtualization, Cloud, and Big Data.