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Mount Judi Ventures

Mount Judi Ventures India - Bangalore, Karnataka

1 Disclosed Funding Rounds $2,000,000
5 Participating Investments

Mount Judi Ventures provides an opportunity to investors to participate in the high growth story of new India by investing in promising and ethical businesses. The general partners of the

Invested In

Company Date Round Raised
  Bajo Foods Private Limited (Lo! Foods) December, 22 ,2022 Unknown $2,000,000
  Dil Foods July, 27 ,2023 Pre Series A $2,000,000
  ConveGenius January, 12 ,2024 Unknown $7,000,000
  Skye Air Mobility June, 12 ,2024 Series A $4,000,000
  Wify Technologies July, 02 ,2024 Pre Series A $2,993,443