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DigiTx Partners

DigiTx Partners United States - Brisbane, CA

1 Disclosed Funding Rounds $223,000,000
5 Participating Investments

At DigiTx Partners, we believe that the pace of change in healthcare will only accelerate in the coming years. We believe that there are many smart people with great insights and drive who ar

Invested In

Company Date Round Raised
  Cleerly July, 25 ,2022 Series C $223,000,000
  FIGUR8, Inc. August, 09 ,2023 Series A $25,000,000
  Rune Labs January, 12 ,2024 Series A $12,000,000
  Ciba Health May, 09 ,2024 Series A $10,000,000
  StrokeDx May, 24 ,2024 Seed $5,000,000