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start up
  • 24/05/2024
  • Seed
  • $4,500,000

At Oncovery, we’re rethinking care for cancer survivors.

We believe in a world where survivorship isn’t just surviving—it’s thriving. Our comprehensive, integrated survivorship care model is designed to help you live well beyond a cancer diagnosis.

Related People

Hil MossCo Founder

Hil Moss United States - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hil is the Co-Founder & CEO of OncoveryCare, the first virtual survivorship clinic delivering cancer survivorship care. A young breast cancer survivor, Hil is an active advocate, mentor, and writer in the cancer community (published in outlets such as New York Magazine, Cell, and STAT), and dedicates her time to raising awareness around the importance of early detection and improving patient experience.

Hil has a strong background in strategy, marketing, content creation, research and insights, and new business development. She loves public speaking, musical comedy, and getting outside with her dog, Levi.