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start up
Singapore - Marina South, Singapore
  • 23/05/2022
  • Series B
  • $21,000,000

NextBillion.ai believes centralized mapping technology is a thing of the past. One map doesn't fit all. Every customer, use case, geography is different, and at Nextbillion AI we build custom mapping API's for enterprises in a way that’s never been done before. Decentralized, modular, custom map stack for hyperlocal business.

We provide enterprises with location tools and API's that help them adopt an AI-first approach while solving all their map-related business issues. We power complex mapping applications within last-mile delivery, telematics, food delivery, ride-hail. Our solution is customizable to be hyper-local and pinpoint accurate for difficult to solve enterprise use cases.

Founded in 2020, NB.ai is headquartered in Singapore with offices in San Francisco, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Beijing. We are an equal employment opportunity company that prides itself on its diversity, inclusivity and open-house work culture.

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Ajay BulusuCo Founder

Ajay Bulusu Singapore - ND

At NB.ai, we're building the next generation spatial data platform for enterprises globally. We're a VC funded deeptech startup based in Singapore with offices in SF, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Beijing.

I spent the last decade working across various roles in the US, Singapore, India, Japan, and the UK. As one of the founding Geo team members @Grab, my responsibilities were broadly divided into Product Strategy/Management, Operations Management, Strategic Negotiation, Partnerships and Regional Outreach.

I've also sold ads, managed media partners, moderated content, fought spam, deleted millions of bad YouTube videos and helped engineering teams be more productive.

Areas of expertise are Mobility, Mapping, E-commerce, Digital Advertising, User Trust, and Transportation.

Other interests include Secondary Markets, Food, Basketball, Macroeconomics, Manchester United and Travel. IG: @ajaybulls