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start up
  • 12/04/2024
  • Pre-Seed
  • $3,300,000

Knostic is the world’s first provider of need-to-know access controls for Generative AI. We end LLM oversharing. RSA Launch Pad finalist, 2024

Related People

Gadi EvronFounder

Gadi Evron Israel - ND

Accomplished and highly connected tech, strategy, and innovation leader with a background across public and private sectors from startups to global enterprises, bridging cyber security and business leadership.

- Industry leadership:
Established and chaired industry groups and organizations such as the World Economic Forum’s RISCC, the ACoD cyber security conference, The Cyber Threat Intelligence Alliance, and the Israeli CERT.

- Entrepreneurship:
Founded and brought Cymmetria, a cyber deception company, from raising $12 million, to growth phase with $2.4 million TCV, to acquisition.

- Intrapreneurship:
Built and managed PwC’s Cyber Security Center of Excellence and led building PwC’s threat intelligence methodology and global offering, with hundreds of Advisory customers adopting it world-wide since.

- Incident response:
Formed the original threat intelligence information sharing group, TH-Research in 1997, and first threat intelligence conference, ISOI in 2006. Managed Internet-wide incident response, coordinating law enforcement, governments, and the private sector, such as for BlackWorm. Co-wrote the post-mortem analysis for “the first Internet war”, in Estonia in 2007.

- Technical research:
Exposed for the first time nation-state level targeted attacks (APTs), such as Rocket Kitten (Iran) and Patchwork (India). Co-wrote original book on botnets. Constructed enterprise frameworks such as the Disinformation Killchain (CNIK). Released the original research into DDoS Amplification Attacks.

Gadi has written two books on cyber security, is a frequest contributor to industry publications, and speaker at industry events, from Blackhat (2008, 2015) to Davos (2019).

In his free time, Gadi teaches Swing dance, and dabbles in writing science fiction and fantasy.