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start up
United States - San Diego, California
  • 09/02/2024
  • Unknown
  • $18,000,000

Headlight is a mental health company dedicated to transforming the way behavioral health services are delivered. With a clinician-centered model, innovative technology, and a commitment to accessibility and affordability, Headlight is redefining mental health care.

Related People

Shashita InamdarFounder

Shashita Inamdar United States - San Diego, California

As the Chief Vision Officer and Founder at Headlight, I am dedicated to transforming the way mental health services are delivered. I have over 15 years of experience as a medical director, pediatric, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, and telemental health provider, working with various organizations and centers across the country.

I am passionate about integrating cutting-edge technologies and approaches, such as NeuroPharmacology, NeuroModulation, TMS therapy, Ketamine and Suboxone therapy, Customized PharmacoGenetic testing, Spravato therapy, and Zulresso therapy, into my practice and research. My mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal mental health outcomes and quality of life, through evidence-based, compassionate, and customized care.