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Delfi Diagnostics

start up
United States - Baltimore, Maryland
  • 18/07/2022
  • Series B
  • $225,000,000

DELFI uses artificial intelligence and whole genome sequencing to sensitively detect unique patterns of DNA fragmentation in the blood of patients with cancer.

Related People

Victor Velculescu, MD, PhDFounder

Victor Velculescu, MD, PhD United States - Washington DC-Baltimore Area

Dr. Velculescu is internationally known for his discoveries in genomics and cancer research. He and his colleagues performed the first genome-wide sequence analysis in human cancers, identifying key genes and pathways dysregulated in tumorigenesis. He developed methods for global gene expression analyses and coined the word “transcriptome" to describe the patterns that could now obtained in cancer and other cells. These analyses identified a variety of genes not previously known to be involved in neoplasia, including PIK3CA as one of the most highly mutated genes in human cancer. These efforts have led to new FDA approved therapies and diagnostic tests widely used for cancer patients. More recently, his group has developed non-invasive liquid biopsy approaches for early detection and monitoring of cancer patients. These discoveries provide new paradigms for our understanding of human cancer that have benefited patients worldwide.