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Adroit Trading Technologies

start up
United States - Stamford, CT
  • 07/02/2024
  • Series A
  • $15,000,000

We live and breathe OTC. Since 2014, Adroit has offered the leading multi-asset front office O/EMS solution, and empowers the most sophisticated of investment managers. It is designed from the ground up to handle the intricacies of trading complex assets, including OTC derivatives, bonds, and FX. Adroit brings a passion to maximize trader productivity, minimize transaction costs, highlight market opportunities, and ensure trading compliance.

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Anil JaglanFounder

Anil Jaglan United States - Stamford, Connecticut

Pragmatic financial services technologist.

Specialties: Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund, Derivatives, Swaps, Energy products, FX, Risk management.